Unleash the possibilities within your workforce.

It鈥檚 a pivotal moment for Canada鈥檚 automotive sector as we transition toward greater mobility and electrification of vehicles.

A key driver of change: OUR WORKFORCE.

An aging workforce, labour shortages and talent gaps have made it difficult for the automotive industry to attract and retain new workers. Fixing the problem is more than filling roles, it鈥檚 about building a resilient workforce that can compete globally.

Building a strong workforce and talent pipeline is critical for success. Each employee lost can cost a company 50-250% of the role鈥檚 salary. In a sector that operates with efficiency, we invested in a solution that drives success.

DRIVEN Digital Learning Program is designed, built for and run by our own industry. The labour shortages aren鈥檛 specific to automotive, but our solutions are.

DRIVEN is an online learning platform offering certifications and courses for current and new workers. The program targets the essentials like Health and Safety training in addition to high demand skills for lean manufacturing, quality assurance, interpersonal skills and automotive basics.

As an industry-run and industry-governed program, DRIVEN responds faster and with a more practical focus on evolving labour market needs across all tiers. Our partners include Tier 1s, industry leaders, Government of Ontario in addition to colleges and universities across Canada.

Ready to learn how DRIVEN can train your workforce? Contact us: driven@apma.ca