蓝月亮精选免费资料大全 Conference

蓝月亮精选免费资料大全 Garage - Accelerated Business Development

The 蓝月亮精选免费资料大全 Garage is a membership platform designed for accelerated professional network development, B2B meetings, marketing assistance, and media coverage. It allows qualifying companies to bring to bear the full arsenal of tools of the 蓝月亮精选免费资料大全 for accelerated business development needs. At a cost of $25,000, the program is designed to run over the course of a full year and will provide the following services:

Event Access/Sponsorship

The 蓝月亮精选免费资料大全 calendar is comprised of key industry events attended by relevant industry people. However, accessing them individually and networking those events can be a laborious and expensive undertaking. As a member of the 蓝月亮精选免费资料大全 Garage, companies get access to all 蓝月亮精选免费资料大全 sponsored or controlled events. Representatives from the Garage company will be personally introduced to key people (targeted beforehand) by 蓝月亮精选免费资料大全 staff.

AutoNews Canada Congress

Advanced Transportation Manufacturing Summit 鈥 Toronto

蓝月亮精选免费资料大全 Annual Conference & Trade Show

JC Armer Sessions/ConnecTEC Sessions

Annual CyberSecurity Conference

Business to Business Meetings

Outside of the events schedule, the 蓝月亮精选免费资料大全 will also commit to setting up relevant business-to-business meetings for qualifying Garage companies with other companies without and within the membership. 蓝月亮精选免费资料大全 staff with work with companies to target the most relevant potential customers and set up introductory meetings with them.

Media Coverage

Using the 蓝月亮精选免费资料大全鈥檚 media connections and publications, the 蓝月亮精选免费资料大全 will commit to providing a minimum of two media pieces for each Garage company. Publications will include:

Mentions in Traditional media (when and where relevant)

Article in Lead, Reach, Connect

Podcast sponsorship

Podcast guest (when relevant)

Internal Marketing

Regular mentioned in Weekly Newseltter 鈥 蓝月亮精选免费资料大全 eNews

Priority status for Constant Contact membership outreach

Current Garage Members

Cycle Time Management (CTM)
Trillium Networks